How did we do?

2018 Investments


The following is a recap of the PA Blue Victory Fund's investment results in the 2018 election. If you invested in the fund, here's how your investment did.

Bucket #1 - Multiple Candidates $160,000

The PA Blue Victory Fund invested in both state and federal candidates in Southeastern PA. 

The bulk of the investment went to nine state candidates - four senate and five house. Six candidates of nine won. One candidate, Tina Davis (S.6) is trailing by 100 votes out of 108,538 votes cast so that final result is not in. She is in court and awaiting overseas ballots not due until the 13th. It is possible Davis wins and our wins grows to seven of nine. Two of the nine candidates were supported through a match with Change PA and each of those candidates won. 

Here is the list of state candidates we supported:

  • Tina Davis (S. 6) - pending 

  • Maria Collett (S.12) - won

  • Mark Pinsley (S. 16) - lost by 3%

  • Katie Muth (S. 44) - won

  • Wendy Ullman (H. 143) - won

  • Mike Zabel (H. 163) - won

  • Kristen Seale (H. 168) - lost by 2%

  • Liz Hanbidge (H. 61) - won

  • Danielle Freil Otten (H. 155) - won

The fund also provided approximately $15,000 in broad support to 30 house and senate candidates.

Federally, the PA Blue Victory Fund supported Susan Wild through a $19,000 contribution to the House Majority PAC designated for the Wild race. That was matched by another $19,000 from the House Majority PAC. Wild was successful. 

Early on we came to understand the value of both providing matching funds and enabling matches. This is a Bucket #1 Investment Summary with matches:

  • State: $140,000 - With matches  $165,000

  • Federal: $20,000 - With matches $39,000

  • Total: $160,000 - With matches $204,000

Thanks to the PA Blue Victory Fund's Advisory Committee for their wise counsel. 


Bucket #2 – Grassroots Capacity - $40,000

The PA Blue Victory Fund invested $40,000 in supporting grassroots capacity. This included $25,000 to Turn PA Blue and $15,000 to fifteen additional organizations including local Democratic Party organizations. 


Bucket #3 - Sustained collaboration through 2020 - $40,000+

From the outset we have believed that the most important contribution that the PA Blue Victory Fund will make will come after the election.


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