2019 plan to win: Build for 2020, Raise $350,000

Solidify and Expand 2018 Gains


Expanded role

Started in July 2018, The PA Blue Victory Fund primarily raised money to directly support candidates and grassroots organizations in the 2018 suburban elections. In 2019 the PA BVF will expand its role. In addition to direct financial support to multiple candidates and grassroots organizations, the PA BVF will be a catalyst by convening and facilitating activities across the SEPA Blue community.


2019 PA Blue Victory Fund Plan Summary

 Bucket #1 - Multiple Candidates    $200,000

  • Provide groundwork to support state and federal candidates to fortify and extend 2018 gains in 2020 in targeted districts

  • Win 2019 county-wide and municipal elections to build a sustainable Blue suburban base and “farm team”

 Bucket #2 - Expanded Grassroots Capacity  $75,000

  • Use 2019 elections to build upon and enhance 2018 grassroots efforts - money & volunteers - especially directed to targeted districts noted in Bucket #1

 Bucket #3 -  Sustained Collaboration  $50,000

  • Increase formal and informal SEPA Blue and “cause” community collaboration focused on winning elections in 2019 and 2020