Blue Bash 2019 was a Rollicking Success!

A Big Blue Ovation to all Rollicking Special Guests, Honorary Hosts, Musicians, Distillers & Brewers, Curators, Frog Commissary Staff, The Franklin Institute and especially to Blue Bash ticket buyers and financial supporters.

Watch for Save the Date Blue Bash 2020

The Political Party of the Year!


6PM VIP Reception - 7PM Blue Bash Doors Open

Tickets support 2019 candidates in Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, & Chester Counties,
Local Grassroots Organizations, & Build to Win in 2020

Rollicking Honorary Event Chairs

Former Governor Ed Rendell
Lt Governor John Fetterman & Second Lady Gisele Baretto Fetterman

Rollicking Honorary Event Hosts

As of Aug 14, 2019
The Honorable Brendan F. Boyle, Congressman (PA-02)
The Honorable Madeleine Dean, Congresswoman (PA-04)
The Honorable Dwight Evans, Congressman (PA-03)
The Honorable Chrissy Houlahan, Congresswoman (PA-06)
The Honorable Mary Gay Scanlon, Congresswoman (PA-05)
The Honorable Susan Wild, Congresswoman (PA-07)

Our Invited Special Guests - The Candidates of 2019



Philadelphia’s Music Community Sounds Off On Three Stages

Our musicians are all proudly Philly connected representing a variety of cultures and genres befitting our diverse city. They will be performing in support of a Blue PA. Look for additions to the line-up. Plus surprise guests. It promises to be a Rollicking Fundraiser.

Alice Cohen

Based in Brooklyn, Alice Cohen and the Channel 14 Weather Team is the latest project of Philadelphia native Alice Cohen. This will be the Philadelphia debut of their new album, a unique blend of soulful, sophisticated pop, synthetic funk and club atmospheres, creating a sound that is both vintage and modern. Major label albums, songs in films, World tours and hit MTV videos are just a few of Alice’s career highlights.

American Deluxe Band

American Deluxe Band is a collective of dedicated and serious musicians from Philadelphia anchored by founding member and guitarist Clay Sears who has toured and recorded with Jay Z, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Britney Spears, John Mayer, Janet Jackson, Common, Queen Latifah, Jill Scott and many more.

Crosstown Traffic Band with Jeannie Brooks

Is 4 virtuoso musicians playing groove oriented jazz, funk, R & B, blues and rock. Jeanie Brooks has a rich, powerful voice that is flexible enough to sing a romantic jazz ballad, a pop classic or hot ‘60’s soul hits.


Philadelphia-based acoustic ensemble that combines traditional Middle Eastern and Indian instruments and influences with contemporary spirit.

John Jarboe and The Bearded Ladies Cabaret

Jarboe and longtime accompanist Heath Allen perform with special guests. Provocative, genderful, Jarboe offers songs and satire in more places than you thought possible.

John Train

Is a lively country- folk-roots band that has entertained audiences for over 20 years with witty original tunes and surprising twists on classics.

Paul Jost

Paul’s unique vocal style is charming critics and fans worldwide. After decades of success as a sideman, his debut album in 2015 has earned him recognition as one of the top jazz vocalists of our time.


Guitarist/vocalist/percussionist Lazarro Herrara and band create a high-energy mix of Latin American Music certain to get the crowd dancing.

The Tony Williams / Mike Boone Jazz Quartet

A true Philadelphia treasure. Their repertoire is the history of jazz and their music is pure joy.

Whirled Music

Led by the multi-talented duo of Phyllis Chapell and Ken Ulansey, Whirled Music draws inspiration from Brazil, Eastern Europe, Ireland, Puerto Rico and beyond, creating a sound all their own.

Special Thanks to our Rollicking Music Curators
Mark Brown, Ann Mintz, & Ken Ulansey

Special Musical Guests-Your Elected Representatives

A once in a lifetime opportunity to see five of your local "electeds" perform on the same stage.
Liz Hanbidge – Opera Arias   PA House D. 61

Liz Hanbidge – Opera Arias

PA House D. 61

Joe Ciresi – Broadway Melodies   PA House D. 146

Joe Ciresi – Broadway Melodies

PA House D. 146

Joe Webster & The Tyson Mill Band   PA House D. 150

Joe Webster & The Tyson Mill Band

PA House D. 150

Tim Kearny & The Swarthmore Ukelele Orchestra   PA Senate D. 26

Tim Kearny & The Swarthmore Ukelele Orchestra

PA Senate D. 26

Virgil Walker & His Trio   Candidate, Common Pleas Judge,  Montgomery County

Virgil Walker & His Trio

Candidate, Common Pleas Judge,

Montgomery County



Philly’s All-Star Distillers & Brewers Pour It On

Beverage-Donors-Borderless - Square.png
Special Thanks to our Rollicking Beverage Curator
Rick Nichols

County Bars & Guest Bartenders

Each county - Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, & Philadelphia - will have its own bar where your county candidates and elected officials are ready serve... as guest bartenders.



Frog Commissary Lights-Up the Grill


Come Hungry

Seafood Jambalaya
Slow-roasted barbecue pork
Bratwursts & Knockwursts
The Legendary Commissary Carrot Cake
Vegetarian Fare Included

The 2020 election will determine the next U.S President and Pennsylvania redistricting for a decade.
We have the opportunity to flip our state senate & house.

Tickets & donations support 2019 candidates, grassroots organizations and the fight to win in 2020.

2019... Use It Wisely.


One Fund… Three Buckets

Three Buckets Strategy - Because one bucket’s not enough.

Rollicking Citizen Sponsors & Hosts

Blue Victory Sponsors - $5000

Christina Sterner & Steve Poses


Blue Wave Sponsors - $2500

(List of names to be added)

Blue Tide Sponsors - $1000

Lexa Edsall Beverly Hahn

William Madway Margaretta Noonan

Blue Ribbon Hosts - $500

Sandra Bloch

Wendy Peck



Honorary Event Hosts in Support of 2019 Candidates

As of Aug 14, 2019

U.S. House

Brendan F. Boyle (PA-02)

Madeleine Dean (PA-04)

Dwight Evans (PA-03)

Chrissy Houlahan (PA-06)

Mary Gay Scanlon (PA-05)

Susan Wild (PA-07)


Joe Torsella, Treasurer


Derek Green, Council Member-at-Large

Helen Gym, Council Member-at-Large

Bill Greenlee, Council Member-at-Large

PA Senate

Maria Collett (S.12)

Larry Farnese (S.1)

Art Haywood (S.4)

Vince Hughes (S.7)

Tim Kearney (S.26)

Katie Muth (S.44)

Steve Santarsiero (S.31)

Sharif Street (S.3)

PA House

Matthew Bradford (H.70)

Tim Briggs (H.149)

Joe Ciresi (H.146)

Carolyn Comitta (H.156)

Mary Jo Daley (H. 148)

Margo Davidson (H.164)

Tina Davis (H.141)

Dave Delloso (H.162)

Elizabeth Fiedler (H.184)

Liz Hanbidge (H.61)

Movita Johnson-Harrell (H.190)

Jordon Harris (H.186)

Joe Hohenstein (H.177)

Kristine Howard (H.167)

Malcolm Kenyatta (H.181)

Leanne Krueger (H.161)

Steve Malagari (H.53)

Stephen McCarter (H.154)

Joanna McClinton (H.191)

Jennifer O’Mara (H.165)

Danielle Friel Otten (H.155)

Chris Rabb (H.200)

James Roebuck (H.188)

Ben Sanchez (H.153)

Christina Sappey (H.158)

Melissa Shusterman (H.157)

Brian Sims (H.182)

Jared Solomon (H.202)

Wendy Ullman (H.143)

Perry Warren (H.31)

Joe Webster (H.150)

Mike Zabel (H.163



Invited Special Guests – The Candidates of 2019

County-Wide Blue Slates


Bucks County

Diane Ellis-Marseglia, Commissioner

Bob Harvie, Commissioner

Kris Ballerini, Treasurer

Meredith Buck, R.N., J.D., Coroner

Linda Bobrin, Esq., Register of Wills

Brian Munroe, Clerk of Courts

Charissa Liller, Esq., Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Jordan Yeager, Esq., Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Jessica VanderKam, Esq., Judge, Court of Common Pleas

John Cordisco, Chair, Bucks County Democratic Committee

Chester County

Marian Moskowitz, Commissioner

Josh Maxwell, Commissioner

Deb Ryan, District Attorney

Debbie Bookman, Prothonotary

Chris Pielli, Recorder of Deeds

Michele Vaughn, Register of Wills

Fredda Maddox, Sheriff

Bret Binder, Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Analisa Sondergaard, Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Dick Bingham, Chair, Chester County Democratic Committee

Delaware County

Elaine Schaefer, County Council

Christine Reuther, County Council

Dr. Monica Taylor, County Council

Jack Stollsteimer, Esq., District Attorney

Rick Lowe, Esq., Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Stephanie Klein, Esq., Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Nursat Rashid, Esq., Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Kelly Eckel, Esq., Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Colleen Guiney, Chair, Delaware County Democratic Committee

Montgomery County

Val Arkoosh, M.D. Commissioner

Ken Lawrence, Commissioner

Kevin Steele, Esq., District Attorney

Jason Salus, Treasurer

Henry Hilles III, Esq., Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Melissa Schwartz Sterling, Esq., Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Virgil Walker, Esq., Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Lori Schreiber, Clerk of Courts

Noah Marlier, Esq., Prothonotary

Dr. Michael Milbourne, Coroner

D Bruce Haines, Esq., Register of Wills

Jeanne Sorg, Recorder of Deeds

Karen Sanchez, Esq., Controller

Sean Kilkenny, Esq., Sheriff

Joe Foster, Chair, Montgomery County Democratic Committee



What do I get for my ticket price?

It’s quite a deal. Non-stop music on three stages from some of Philly’s best musicians, mouth-watering all-evening food from Frog Commissary and free drinks (drink responsibly) from Philly All-Star distillers and brewers. Most importantly, your ticket support critical efforts to turn PA blue. Like we say: Have Fun. Save the World.

Do I need to print and bring my ticket?

The quickest way to get in to the Blue Bash will be to present your ticket. If you do not bring your ticket, there will be a list at registration. We will try to do this efficiently, but it will be slower than just presenting your ticket.

Are there discounted tickets for Young Dems, grassroots volunteers & students over 21?

Yes. The standard general admission ticket is $150. Tickets for Young Dems are $85. Grassroots Volunteer tickets are $75 and we ask you to identify your grassroots organization at the time of purchase. Students over 21 are $50. Please identify your school. These tickets are all listed on our ticket site. Buy Tickets Now link.

Is there a dress code?

First and foremost, wear blue. Beyond that, it’s a party, so party dress. But it’s not a “fancy” party.

Where can I park?

There is limited discounted parking at The Franklin Institute. The garage entrance is on 21st Street just south of Winter Street. Please be sure to get your parking ticket validated at registration to receive the discounted rate. There is also limited on-street parking. The closest other parking lots is at 21st and Market.

If I do not attend the VIP Reception can I still meet candidates and elected officials?

We expect many candidates and elected officials to stay after the VIP reception. Each county will have its own bar and many candidates and elected officials have volunteered to be guest bartenders. So, check out your county’s bar.

Can you tell me more about the music program?

All music greats with Philly roots. It’s diverse as befitting our diverse community. Some is easy listening. Some suggests more focused listening. Most will cause you to want to dance. There will be three stages spread around the main level of The Franklin Institute – in Franklin Hall, the Atrium and Foodworks. Programs will be handed out when you arrive. You can learn more about the performers by going back up to the music section of this site.

What is the PA Blue Victory Fund?

The PA Blue Victory Fund raises money focused on turning PA blue to turn PA. It is run by citizen-volunteers. Our focus is on our “backyard” – Southeast PA. We think of it as an “advised political investment fund” much as you might use an advised financial investment fund. You write one check and the money is strategically distributed into what we call our Three Buckets – the three areas the funds invests your money. Bucket #1 is to support multiple candidates in our backyard; Bucket #2 supports local grassroots organizations; and, Bucket #3 supports sustaining the effort beyond the current election cycle. You can learn much more by going to our homepage.

How and when is the money distributed?

The PA Blue Victory Fund’s Advisory Committee has been meeting since early September in anticipation of money raised at the Blue Bash. The committee consists of some of the smartest citizen-activists with intimate on-the-ground knowledge of Southeastern PA and how best to strategically invest your money to support turning PA Blue. In 2019, that is a combination of supporting efforts to turn our counties blue while also investing in local elections within PA house and senate districts we see as key opportunities in 2020.

Funds to 2019 candidates will be distributed within a few days of the Blue Bash. Money will also be invested in local grassroots organizations. Some funds will be reserved for 2020.

How do I donate if I cannot attend?

You can donate here. Donate Now.

Produced by the PA Blue Victory Fund
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Paid for by PA Blue Victory Fund. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.