Putting Your Money to Work

Here's how the PA Blue Victory Fund's Advisory Committee invested $160,000 of your money for Bucket #1: 

Multiple Candidates in Competitive Races

PA State Candidates

  • Direct -- $140,000

  • With matches - $165,000

Federal Candidates

  • Direct - $20,000

  • With matches - $40,000

Total Candidates 

  • Direct - $160,000

  • With matches - $205.000

Smart Investing and The Value of Leverage

The PA Blue Victory Fund was established on the this basis: 

A group of dedicated citizen-neighbors could more effectively invest your money in political change than you could on your own.

The leverage employed on our Bucket # 1 - Multiple Candidates - took $160,000 of your money and leveraged it to donations to candidates of $205,000. That's an average of more than 25%. 

Donations on the state side

After four meetings over nearly 15 hours - plus homework! -- The PA Blue Victory Fund's Advisory Committee made the following awards.

$15,000 each was contributed to the following seven state candidates for a total of $105,000:

  1. Tina Davis (S. 6)

  2. Maria Collett (S. 12)

  3. Mark Pinsley (S. 16)

  4. Katie Muth (S. 44)

  5. Wendy Ullman (H. 143)

  6. Mike Zabel (H. 163)

  7. Kristin Seale (H. 168)

Those donations are in addition to $15,000 donated by the PA Blue Victory Fund to Change PA as part of matches that enabled donations from Change PA of $25,000 each to Liz Hanbidge (H. 61) and Danielle Friel Otten (H. 155). This is on top of $35,000 each that Change PA made to four other candidates.

The PA Blue Victory Fund donated an additional $20,000 to thirty state candidates including those listed above. Total direct donations from the PA Blue Victory Fund to state candidates totaled $140,000.  By leveraging indirect matches, the total support of state candidates enabled by the PA Blue Victory Fund is $165,000 to date..

In all likelihood the names of these candidates and many others running for our state house and senate are unknown to most of you. We would be remiss in not recognizing all of their efforts. They have likely put far more on the line to turn PA Blue than anyone reading this. In selecting the seven candidates that we did for major donations, we had to make painful choices. Every Blue candidate was worthy of ours and your support. With more money we could have done more

Donations on the Federal Side

From the outset, the PA Blue Victory Fund felt that money raised would be most effectively invested by supporting state candidates. Successful state candidates create a web of support that runs up and down ballot. Historically, Blue state candidates have been grossly underfunded compared to their Red opponents.

Further, vigorous state campaigns help to both turn PA Blue on a state level and increase the energy level and turnout for federal candidates. Finally, because the PA Blue Victory Fund is a state PAC, there are limitations to our ability to donate directly to federal candidates. 

The PA Blue Victory Fund will directly support the federal congressional race of Susan Wild (PA 7) with $20,000. 

The support will be almost entirely through the House Majority PAC which matches race-specific donations on a one-to-one basis. As a result, our $20,000 will leverage a total donation of nearly $40,000 to the Susan Wild Campaign.

We have also provided minor support to the George Scott (PA 10) campaign. Further support may be added based on new polling data and donations to the PA Blue Victory Fund.

Note 1: The Wild campaign sits just north of our area of concentration - Southeastern PA. But it is the competitive congressional campaign identified as needing the most support of all of the more local congressional campaigns. 

There are important congressional races in our backyard that we are not directly funding. This is based upon specific advice as to the strong polling performance of those candidates and their current funding. As a result, we decided that Wild was our best investment on the federal side.