Why invest in Grassroots Capacity?

It is compelling to invest in candidates. Through candidates we turn PA Blue. But elections are binary. Winners win and move on. Losers go home leaving little behind. 

The PA Blue Victory Fund is committed to no one and done!

Investment in growing grassroots capacity is a longer-term investment in building and sustaining a Blue citizen-army that works across multiple candidates, and transcends candidates and election cycles. 

Finally, grassroots organizations work below the headlines and find it difficult to raise the funds they need on their own. The PA Blue Victory Fund  was established, in part, to provide greater focus on grassroots efforts and raise funds in support of their important work.

Our goals in identifying which organizations to fund included building bridges with a diverse set of grassroots organizations with whom we can continue to work after this November's election

What follows is how the PA Blue Victory Fund's Advisory Committee invested $40,000 of your money from Bucket #2: Grassroots Capacity.

Turn PA Blue $25,000

Actively working to turn the Pennsylvania State Legislature blue, district by district.

Turn PA Blue was the inspiration for the start-up of the PA Blue Victory Fund. It provides broad electoral support to candidates across Southeastern PA and adjacent areas. 


Emerge Pennsylvania $2,000

We inspire women to run. We hone their skills to win.

Change the face of Pennsylvania politics by identifying, training and providing a statewide network so more Democratic women run for office, get elected and seek higher office. Emerge is the only 7-month cohort based training program for Democratic women in Pennsylvania.


Run for Something $2,000

Recruiting and supporting young progressives.

Run for Something will help recruit and support young diverse progressives to run for down-ballot races in order to build a bench for the future — the folks we support now could be possible members of the House, Senate, and maybe even President one day. We aim to lower the barriers to entry for these candidates by helping them with seed money, organization building, and access to training needed to be successful.


We The People PA Action $2,000

We The People seeks to mobilize our fellow Pennsylvanians behind this agenda in their communities and at their polling places. We will amplify our voices above those of the rich and powerful so that once again Pennsylvania has a government and economy of, by, and, for the people.

An effort initiated by the Keystone Research Center and the Pennsylvania Budget Policy Center, We the People Action supports an agenda that aims to make state government work for middle and working class Pennsylvanians. Our funding supports Get-Out-the Vote in state districts in Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware Counties.


Power Philadelphia  $2,000

We believe that when people who have been marginalized stand and speak up with their vote, change happens. The power of community and collective voice will always foster change whether immediate or gradual. In this critical election season, we are focusing on building sustainable relationships and centering communities most impacted by the issues we address through our faith-based organizing.

POWER represents over 50 congregations in Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania. We are people of faith committed to the work of bringing about justice here and now.


Local Democratic Party Organizations $6,300

Local Democratic party organizations are an important component of grassroots efforts. They struggle to find sufficient funds to support a vigorous homegrown program. In total, we made small but meaningful contributions to local party organizations in all five SEPA counties. In so doing, we indicated our interest in building a relationship and providing greater support as we move forward together into 2019 and 2020.

  • Delaware County Democratic Party $2,000

  • Philadelphia Eighth Ward Democratic Committee $1,000

  • Springfield Democratic Party $1000

  • Nether Providence Democrats $300

  • Horsham Democratic Committee $1000

  • Chester County Democratic Committee $1000

Check back soon to learn more about growing grassroots efforts and our post-election plans as we fill Bucket #3 - Sustained Collaboration to 2020.