we can’t afford to stop now

Building to win in 2020


No one and done. The hard work of winning in 2020 must build upon the efforts of 2018.

Too often, when elections are over, the winner goes to work, the loser licks his/her wounds and everyone else goes home – only to start again when the next big election comes along. 

In addition, elections tend to be fought in candidates silos. Because each candidate runs in a specific and not overlapping geographic area, important opportunities to collaborate are lost. There are few organizations with agency that cut across campaigns, campaign organizations, party and grassroots organizations.


We will address both these issues.

Promote Sustained Collaboration

The PA Blue Victory Fund will promote and support sustained collaboration through three election cycles..


Post-2018 Election Conference of Candidates and Activists

There will be lessons learned in November. The PA Blue Victory Fund will support a post-election conference to lay the collaborative groundwork for 2019 and 2020.


The PA Blue Victory Fund will encourage and support additional initiatives around collaboration and building an increasingly powerful community-wide effort to win in 2020.


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