Election Goals

Turn PA Blue by 2020


Our only agenda is to turn PA Blue by 2020. We have no turf to protect. No organizational infrastructure to support. No constituency other than our donors who share our goal. We are not in this to do things on our own. Our objective is to establish a smart plan and raise money to influence and support the work of others to execute our plan.


The 2020 Election Stakes

  1. Trump represents an existential threat to our country and our planet.

  2. The 2020 PA state elections will have profound consequences for a decade because of 2021 congressional and state legislative redistricting.


2019 Election Goals

County-wide and municipal election wins are the foundation of sustainable PA Blue control. The 2019 election cycle provide the opportunity to sustain and build upon 2018 mobilization.

  • Fortify 2018 electoral wins.

  • Secure county-wide control in Delco, Bucks, Lehigh & Chester.

  • Increase local/municipal control – especially in districts targeted for 2020


Looking Ahead - 2020 Election Goals

  • Win PA’s 20 Electoral College Votes for a new Democratic president  

  • Win a sustainable Blue majority in PA to insure fair districts for a decade.

  • PA House – Flip 9 seats including 7 in SEPA. Hold 7 close wins.

  • PA Senate – Flip 3 seats. Hold 3 close wins.

  • Hold 2018 all U.S Congressional gains. Add wins in PA1 (Bucks) and PA 10 (Mostly Dauphin)


2019 Election Battleground

  • County & city officials

  • Judges & magisterial district judges

    • State supreme court

    • Intermediate appellate courts

    • Local judges

  • School boards

  • Municipal governments


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