Make your voice heard

Elections Matter!


Regardless of what you care about - from Education or a Women's Right to Choose to Immigration and America's place in the world, elections matter. 

Local, State and Federal elections each profoundly impact our lives and the lives of people we care about. And with the dramatic move to the right of federal courts and the Supreme Court, we may increasingly have to look to the protections afforded by our state courts – provided our state courts look to afford our protections. 

Elections are the purest form of democracy. But too many people are not registered to vote. This especially true for young people. 

Add to this that too many voters fail to vote. In Pennsylvania, Democrats hold an 800,000-voter registration margin over Republicans. Yet Republicans dominate state and many local governments. Why? Two words: Voter turn-out. Especially in so-called off-year elections, Republicans are far more disciplined voters than Democrats. As a result, Republicans have come to control the web of Pennsylvania government that stretches from town halls to the halls of Harrisburg. Unless this changes, Pennsylvania will remain an embarrassingly red state. 

The Pa Blue Victory Fund invests your money in candidates. It also invests in strengthening the building blocks of democracy by supporting grassroots efforts to increase voter registration and voter turn-out.