2019 IS THE BRIDGE TO 2020



Advisory Committee

The PA Blue Victory Fund’s Advisory Committee is our donor's “investment” adviser. Their task is to determine the best way in which  to “invest” donor resources. We don't do anything other than raise money and spend it wisely.

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The 2019 Plan

2019 is the critical bridge connecting 2018 mobilization to winning in 2020. 

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Elections Matter!

Regardless of what you care about - from Education or a Woman's Right to Choose to Immigration and America's place in the world, elections matter. 

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Do more, get more. Join us at one of our events and be, quite literally, part of the solution. 

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PA Blue Victory Fund    

Goal: Turn PA Blue by 2020


100% locally focused - Southeastern PA

Three election cycles

Money raised directly funds

1. Multiple candidates

2. Grassroots

3. Build to win in 2020 through sustained collaboration


Turn PA Blue in 2018 and beat Trump in 2020

One Fund,

Three Strategies,

Three Election Cycles

There is no likely path to a Blue America that does not run through Pennsylvania.  And there is no silver bullet to turn PA Blue. Winning requires a smart, comprehensive multi-year strategy and sustained financial support.


One check supports multiple recipients

  1. Multiple Candidates

  2. Grassroots Efforts

  3. Build to Win in 2020


Sustained 3-year effort


  • Re-take the U.S. House

  • Flip PA House & Senate Districts


  • Local elections – “Farm Team”

  • Prepare for showdown with Trump


  • Turn PA Blue

  • Defeat Trump