Why this fund?

How Are We Different?

  1. Most political appeals you are receiving are national. We are focused 100% on Southeastern PA (We may leak up into Lehigh and out to Lancaster)

  2. Almost all appeals represent one candidate or one organization. You are hit by thousands of these appeals, but as stated above, mostly on the national level.

  3. With The PA Blue Victory Fund, you don’t have to do the research on which local grassroots organizations or candidates to give to. We do. Think of us like a United Way for political change. Your One donation is distributed to multiple recipients in three categories according to a comprehensive strategy. See our strategy.

  4. We raise money, so candidates and grassroots organizations can do the important work.

  5. The donations are distributed by a volunteer Advisory Board of knowledgeable local citizen-activists who will regularly report to you exactly how your money is spent.

  6. Our approach will be Sustained over three years. Not one and done.

The grand prize is carrying PA for NOT TRUMP

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