Where we stand today

The PA Blue Landscape At The End of 2018


In 2018 we made a good start on our goal of turning PA Blue by 2020.

PA 2018 statewide elections results strongly favored Democrats

  • Wolf  58%

  • Casey  56%

  • U.S. Congress  55%

  • PA House  53

  • PA Senate  53%


Statewide Voter Registration Favors Democrats with an 840,065 margin over Republicans

  • Democrats 48%  (4,111,574)  

  • Republicans 38%  (3,271,509)

  • No Affiliation/Other 14% (1,228,031)


PA 2018 statewide turn-out was 53%. A 43% increase over 2014.

Note: 47% of registered voters did not vote.


State-wide PA is positioned to win 20 electoral votes for a Democrat in 2020

Note: It is critical to come out of the presidential primaries with broad support for a candidate who can win across Pennsylvania,  Michigan and Wisconsin as well as Arizona, Nevada and Florida & a shot at Ohio.

With regard to our U.S. congressional delegation, Democrats won seats across Southeastern PA with the notable exception of PA 1 in Bucks county. Prior to the election, Republicans held 13 of 18 congressional districts. It is now tied at nine seats each.

On a state legislative and local level, results are decidedly more Red.


Strong Democrat Voter Registration Margin

In the six southeastern PA counties – Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks and Lehigh, Democrats hold a voter registration margin over Republicans of 56% to 29%.  


Republican State Legislative Control

In the state senate, while our 2018 wins eliminated a Republican super majority – and the ability to overturn a Wolf veto, Republicans still control the senate 29 to 21. Republicans control the state house 110 to 93.

Control of the state legislature by 2020 will be critical because of the role the legislature will play in 2021 re-districting. To win control we need to flip nine more state house seats while holding on the gains in 2018. In the state senate we need to flip four more while holding on to 2018 gains.


Republican County-wide Control

In the five counties in Southeastern PA outside Philadelphia, Republicans maintain county-wide control in four of five despite Democrat voter registration advantages in three of the four.

On a municipal level within the counties, Republicans also continue to dominate.


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