The 2019 Challenge

Mobilizing the SEPA* Blue Community to Win in 2020

*Southeastern Pennsylvania


2019 is the critical bridge connecting mobilization of 2018 to winning in 2020.

The 2018 task was straightforward

The PA Blue Victory Fund was started in July 2018. Our goal: Turn PA Blue by 2020.

In 2018, the task was straightforward: raise money, mostly for state house and senate candidates, and grassroots organizations supporting those candidates – primarily Turn PA Blue. Strong candidates and broad Blue community mobilization resulted in a good start toward our 2020 goal.


2019 presents a less obvious challenge.

In 2019, the electoral landscape shifts from congressional, state-wide and state legislative races to county-wide and municipal. But the Blue community lets up in 2019 at its peril. 2019 is the critical bridge connecting the mobilization of 2018 to winning in 2020. The 2020 election will help determine the next U.S. President and PA redistricting for a decade.

 To rise to this challenge, the PA Blue Victory Fund will undertake a more proactive role. In addition to raising money to directly support candidates, grassroots organizations and collaboration, we will become a catalyst to convene, connect and facilitate across the Southeastern PA Blue community.


2019 Suburban Strategies - Still fighting for Blue control
Municipal and county-wide elections provide the ideal vehicle to build on mobilization of 2018.


  1. Develop clear understanding of suburban “opportunities & threats” electoral map based upon 2018 state house and senate elections. Identify and focus efforts on:

    • Districts of greatest opportunity.

    • Districts of greatest vulnerability.

  2. Use that understanding to target election efforts:

    • 2019 municipal and county-wide races especially as vehicle to maintain and enhance 2018 mobilization in targeted districts.

    • Get a head start on 2020 state house and senate races.

  3. Use that understanding to identify and address ”gaps” in grassroots capacity needed to support election efforts.


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