To Turn PA Blue You Need  

One Fund: Three Buckets 


The goal of the PA Blue Victory Fund is to turn PA Blue by 2020. 

The focus of the fund is 100% in Southeast PA -- with a little cheating north and west. Why Southeastern PA? Because it's our backyard.  And it's loaded with flipping opportunities.

Why a Three Bucket Strategy?

Because no single bucket is enough to turn PA blue.

The underlying concept of the PA Blue Victory Fund is that no one thing is enough to turn PA blue by 2020. You need to "invest" in three buckets. And we give you a smart way to do that.

Investing in three buckets on your own can be challenging for you.

First, how do you divide up your money between "buckets?"

Second, for Bucket #1, how do you decide which candidates are your best "investments?'

Bucket #2 - which grassroots organizations?

And maybe hardest of all, Bucket #3 -- how do you even start to think about investing in sustained collaboration through 2020. How many separate checks does all that take? And, can you alone have impact?

By joining with your friends and neighbors, a donation to the PA Blue Victory Fund solves that problem for you by taking your single donation and dividing across a smart Three Bucket Strategy for change. Keep reading.

Note that the allocation in each bucket below is based upon our current funding capacity of $260,000. 

If you think Three Buckets is a smart way to invest your money in political change, donate now and that funding capacity will increase.