More Money, Spent Smarter.


The PA Blue Victory Fund was started in July 2018. It’s goal: Turn PA Blue by 2020.  


We have created and managed an advised portfolio – essentially multiple investments in political change that enables you to make smart political investments through a single fund all in your backyard – Southeastern PA.

Your financial support is spread across “Three Buckets” and works through several election cycles.  The underlying assumption is that this is the most effective way for you to invest in political change rather than trying to figure it out on your own.


Our Three Blue 2020 Election Goals

  1. Presidential: Win PA’s 20 electoral college votes

  2. PA State Legislature: Win control of House & Senate in advance of 2021 redistricting

  3. PA’s Congressional delegation - fortify wins & extend to PA 1 and PA 10.


2018 was a good start

In 2018, the task was straightforward: raise money, mostly for PA state house and senate candidates plus several congressional candidates, and grassroots organizations supporting those candidates – primarily Turn PA Blue. The stakes in the 2018 elections were clear. Strong candidates and broad Blue community mobilization resulted in a good start toward the 2020 goal.


2019 presents a less obvious challenge.

The electoral landscape shifts from national and state races to county-wide and municipal. But the Blue community lets up in 2019 at it’s own peril. 2019 is the critical bridge connecting the mobilization of 2018 to winning in 2020. The 2020 election will help determine the next U.S. President and PA re-districting for a decade.


How successful we are will depend in no small measure on the amount of financial support you provide.