More Money, Spent Smarter.


The PA Blue Victory Fund collectively markets a strategic portfolio of critical but less visible candidates, grassroots organizations and projects in Southeastern Pennsylvania more effectively than they could do on their own.

The Fund does not support U.S. Senatorial or Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidates. We figure they are easy to find. In addition, while we support grassroots organizations and state candidates working throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania’s congressional districts, our support of congressional candidates is limited by federal election law.

Your money will support multiple candidates in our effort to flip districts in both the Pennsylvania state house and

senate as well as the U.S. Congress in 2018.

Changing America's direction means focusing on the local district and state levels in addition to the national level. Given the direction of the U.S. Supreme Court, we will increasingly need to look to states to protect citizens’ rights. It also means and laying the organizational and electoral groundwork for defeating Trump in Pennsylvania 2020.

Here's the 2018 potential:

  • U.S. Congress - Flip 4 seats

  • PA State House - Flip 16 seats

  • PA State Senate - Flip 6 seats


The Fund channels money to winnable candidates who are not a slam dunk and for whom we will make a meaningful financial difference. Many candidates are already highly visible and naturally well-funded. This means selecting which Blue candidates to support in November requires careful analysis and judgement, a task carried out by The Fund’s advisors.

 In 2019, a so-called off-year election, our candidate focus will on identifying and supporting candidates who can become a Blue Farm Team.

 Photo by Sherry Smith/iStock / Getty Images